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The Missed Shot = Conspiracy?

The Missed Shot = Conspiracy?

 First off, I want to Thank... ( ) for posting a link to my site! I also want to thank Jesse Ventura for reading my site and bringing this theory to National TV on The View as well as HLN's Joy Behar Show in March of 2010.


Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. The Missed Shot doesn't match. The rifle angle(s), up & down - right to left. The angles just dont match.

Zapruder Film Frame 157 - 160 is The Missed Shot, from 157-160 it's less then a blink of an eye - but clearly that is when the First Missed Shot happened, we can see where The Limo was located, now compare that to where the missed shot hits striking a curb and then hitting James Tague 185+ feet IN FRONT of the Limo. They are totally different angles, Up & Down - Right to Left - Behind to Front. They just don't match! 

There was NO TREE in the way at Frame 157 - 160.... Again, THERE WAS NO TREE in the way at Frame 157 - 160!!! I know we all have heard this lie for 40+ years! Look at the Warren Comission's own photo of the missed shot! There own photo 100% destroys Gerald Posner's "Tree Shot". As much as Dan Rather bugs his eye out with amazement from your goofy theories on National TV which aren't back up with evidence!


The Warren Comission took a "The Point of View" through the rifle scope Re-enactment Photograph clearly saying a shot happened here and at the very most a twig at the very very end of a tree's branch isn't going to make the rifle bullet go from STRAIGHT DOWN!!!.... to a 45 DEGREE ANGLE to THE RIGHT!?! A twig? By the way if you look at the photo there wasn't even a twig in the way of Oswald's shot of JFK. You would have to hit the middle of the tree trunk to possibly get the bullet to move that much. NOT a twig the size of a pretzel stick!

For the Vincent Bugliosi, John McAdams & Gerald Posner's of The World to always try to portray themselves as "The debunking/truth police", for them and others to brush off their own Warren Comission Evidence of a Photo taken by (lone nut - oswald alone - government photgraphers - prosecution evidence ) , showing the EXACT location of the First Shot & easily seeing THERE WAS NO TREE ANYWHERE NEAR The Limo, that tells us why "they" brush off the things that can't explain, which is The Missed Shot! Funny how John McAdams has such detail on everything except The Missed Shot? All of a sudden he is vague and quick with his response. He is saying something even crazier a "Magic Head Shot" hit James Tague? Even though sometimes John McAdams on Radio Debates says The Missed shot was Z Film Frame 160? Wow? Huh? What??? 

Vincent Bugliosi basically 100% ignored a "Prosecution Photo" completely in a 1,600 page book? I guess he didn't have enough space in his book to comment, But in the same book thinks the missed shot was Z Film Frame 160? Huh??? Here is a 1,600 page book and he talks about The Missed Shot in passing for a couple paragraphs. WHAT DOES THAT TELL EVERYONE!

Lee Harvey Oswald would have had to be aiming his Rifle in a totally different angle to hit James Tague. If you are looking through the scope, aiming the rifle DOWN which is Frame 160! NOW to make The Missed Shot work to hit the curb IN FRONT of the Limo and then hit James Tague, you would have totally different angles! The Shooter would have to completely twist his upper body to the right & your arms would have to be raised higher! - Which Proves.... Atleast one other shooter. The Missed Shot just doesn't match which is the key to having another shooter!

To the smaller group of "Oswald Alone" believers lead by John McAdams - If your theory is The First Shot: Zapruder Frame 157 - 160 missed everything & everyone, we are now at the point of you having 2 bullets to kill and or injure 3 people, one of those people no where near the kill zone but almost 200 feet away!?? In yet another totally different angle.... For this crowd to explain away the 2nd Shot we got the "Magic Bullet" which hit JFK & John Connally... Now if we are avoiding the Zapruder Frame 160 shot, we now have the 3rd shot killing JFK with the shot to his head & THEN that same bullet some how leaving the Limo even though the bullet hit it's target but has enough speed/power to travel another 70+ feet AHEAD & DISTRASTICALLY To The LEFT striking a curb and even still have enough speed/power to then travel another 15+ feet to strike James Tague?? So we had a "Magic Bullet" for 35+ years explaining that shot away & now we have a "Magic Head Shot" trying to do the same? Pretty sad. Joh Mc Adams is a joke, sometimes on Radio Debates he says the missed shot happened at 160... other times on JFK Message Boards he says all the damage to Tague happened from the head shot? Other times its from hitting the tree? Just look around and you will see Mc Adams as flip flopped on the Missed Shot a bunch of times over the years! He is all over the place...

BUT the Smoking Gun is...

Motorcycle Officer (Sergeant) Stavis Ellis SAW The Concrete Burst which is what hit Tague on Shot #1... NOT Shot #3 !! Which 100% destroys their crazy theory of a "Magic Head Shot". We can Case Close that goofy theory.

Look at all these "Oswald Alone" people they always brush over The Missed Shot. They all of a sudden become irrational with their theories or worse all together ignore the begining of the timeline of the shooting - which is the first shot!

Has everyone notice there is allot of MAGIC to all their explanations for thier case.

Houdini couldn't even pull this magic trick off when we have actual eyewitness testimony - which 100% Proves The Missed Shot was The FIRST Shot!

Motorcycle Officer (Sergeant) Stavis Ellis: "That's when the first shot was fired. I was looking directly at the President, and I saw the concrete burst into a cloud of dust when that bullet hit the curb. . . . Then, while looking back at the President, I heard the second shot. The President became rigid and grabbed his neck."

On August 5, 1978, the committee received information from former Dallas policeman Stavis Ellis that Ellis had also seen a missile hit the ground in the area of the motorcade at the time of the assassination. Ellis said he rode on a motorcycle alongside the first car in the motorcade, approximately 100 to 125 feet in front of the car carrying President Kennedy. Ellis said that just as he started down the hill of Elm Street, he looked back toward President Kennedy's car and saw debris come up from the ground at a nearby curb.


Ellis, Starvis, (alt: Stavis; Dallas Police Department), 544 in Brown, People v.
Lee Harvey Oswald; 19 in Groden and Livingstone, High Treason; 73-74 in
Menninger, Mortal Error; 51 in Palamara, Third Alternative; 61, 234, 475,
616 in Trask, Pictures of the Pain;
Warren Commission 26 Volumes: VII, 581; XII, 135;
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*** Sergeant Stavis Ellis statement 100% Proves The First Shot was the reason for the Curb Damage/Tague's Injuries...NOT the Third Head Shot!!!! ..... again.. "I SAW the concrete burst into a cloud of dust when that bullet hit the curb...THEN, while looking back at the President, I HEARD the SECOND SHOT..."

So again.... WHY was Oswald aiming his Rifle 125+ feet in front of The Limo. Very simple. Nothing was in the way of his wide open shot as the Warren Commission Re-enactment Photo 100% proves! The "Magic Head Shot" is a joke. That is past grasping for straws... at best. If they only found 1 rifle shell casing, "They" would explain some other amazing "Magic Shot" of hitting everyone with only one shot.


WHY was Oswald aiming his rifle 125+ feet INFRONT of The Limo on Frame 157 - 160? JFK's Limo was RIGHT UNDER HIM!

Case Closed.

100% Proof of a Conspiracy.

Now we have someone in the mainstream trying to explain my theory on The Missed Shot with "JFK: The Lost Bullet".

This New Documentary might be the funniest theory yet! OK let me see if I can understand this... Oswald had the MOST Amazing rifle bullets where he can shoot through SOLID STEEL !?!? Ok listen to this joke, Oswald now shot earlier so they can blame the Traffic Light. Let's all ignore all the evidence of different witnesses testimony of the first shot happening at ZFrame 160.

So we have Oswald shooting through a steel traffic sign cover. Solid Steel...

In their Documentary they show a perfect neat LITTLE hole in the steel of the traffic light cover, so now this rifle bullet goes straight through solid steel - loops down the street - a completely different angle from where Oswald was aiming - avoiding everyone standing on that side of the street - but stills has enough POWER to SMASH into and "burst" a cement curb 185 feet infront of the limo - then THAT piece of bullet/cement hit's James Tague and cut his face another 10 feet away... Even though the bullet was slowed down going through solid steel??!! WOW yet another amazing "magic" bullet... Now we have a "The Magic Missed Shot Bullet" for the 1st shot, where it can go through steel and keep going forward with enough power to "burst" a cement curb and then hit James Tague?


Oswald's 1st Bullet "The Magic Missed Shot" where we are told goes through solid steel from a Traffic Light, that it doesnt lose ANY of its speed or power because it NEEDS to hit the cement curb and "burst" the cement in the air high enough so Motorcycle Officer Stavis Ellis can see it as he's riding by!


Oswald's 2nd Bullet "The Magic Bullet" where we are told the reason the Bullet looked "perfect" after going through 2 bodies and breaking bones,ribs & the wrist of John Connally.... is because it went through JFK's body ONLY hitting muscle and skin, that it slowed down enough before it went into John Connally's body. The slowing down, stopped it from its full power? Hmmm... OK?!?!??

Here we have the ((( SAME Rifle & Same Bullets ))) But these bullets lose speed going through muscle and skin. BUT they dont lose any speed and or power going through solid steel????


You know how we know this New "JFK: The Lost Bullet" doesn't hold water...

Since the airing we now found out they tested a Traffic Light and after hitting it with a rifle shot - the metal didnt look nothing like the "evidence" they showed in this TV special. It wasnt a perfect, neat, little hole!

BUT... "The Lost Bullet" didnt tell the viewer this, they just ignored their own rifle test - because it didnt fit into their scam of a TV special. So they didnt air the footage.

The hype from this latest scam of a TV special lasted less then 1 week after it aired!

Still.... #1 piece of evidence of a 2nd Shooter is "The Missed Shot".

Zapruder Film Frame 160 = Missed Shot

You know I haven't seen many people not say that The First Shot/The Missed Shot wasn't  around Frame 160 lately, have you??

From the begining:

- The Warren Commission even took a photo The Missed Shot. They clearly show a rifle scope around their JFK double in their reenactments. WHY take this photo if it is not The First/Missed Shot? By the location, its not The Second "Magic Bullet" Shot & or The Third "Head Shot". LOOK at the angle, LOOK how they had to aim the rifle.

- The House Select Committee's expert Photographic Evidence Panel's analysis of the Zapruder film placed a possible shot "at frames 158-160," based upon the blurring of the film at this point. "The most interesting thing about this hypothetical shot," the panel writes, "is that Mrs. Kennedy and Governor Connally testified before the Warren Commission and Governor Connally testified before the House Select Committee that they turned to their right when they heard the first shot, and both are seen in the film beginning a turn to the right immediately after this hypothetical shot. This appears particularly striking in the case of Governor Connally, whose head turns from mid-left to far right in less than half a second, beginning at frame 162."

- Around Zapruder frame 160-165 Rosemary Willis, who has been running on the grass alongside the President's limousine, begins to slow down; by frame 190 she has come to a complete halt. "I stopped when I heard the shot," she says. "In that first split second, I thought it was a firecracker. But within maybe one-tenth of a second, I knew it was a gun shot."

- Governor John Connally's head turns sharply to the right around Zapruder frames 161-162, Between Z 162 and 167, the Governor suddenly jerks his head to the right.

- The House Select Committee on Assassination's Photographic Panel said "The first reaction by any of the limousine occupants to a severe external stimulus begins to occur in the vicinity of Zapruder frames 162-167..."

- The Zapruder film shows a "jump" like he heard The Shot.

- John Kennedy, John Connally & Rosemary Willis react to the shot at this exact point!

Until now:

- CBS Documentaries with Dan Rather

- ABC Documentaries with Peter Jennings

- John McAdams

- Vincent Bugliosi

-  Gerald Posner

- Dale Myers

- History Channel Documentaries

- Discovery Channel Documentaries


All saying Oswald was the only shooter! All saying the first shot was at Frame 157 - 160... but they ignore the simple evidence I have here! You can't have Oswald acting alone and have the missed shot at frame 160 hitting a curb in front of The Limo then hitting James Tague. It's Impossilbe - Thats Why It Is Ignored BY EVERYONE!


The Warren Commission Re-enactment Photo of the Missed Shot.

 - Where's the Tree? At the most, you would hit the very end of a twig.

- Where's the Traffic Light? Its behind the Limo about 12+ feet.

Nothing is around The Limo. It is in the WIDE OPEN! NOW, Look at the angle, you are pointing straight down!

* For some STUPID Reason if Oswald wanted to hit the tree, he would have to aim the rifle a good 20+ feet to the right of The Limo. WHY would you aim 20+ feet to the right of The Limo when JFK was to the left of it? Just stupid. How anyone can believe this "Tree Ricochet" theory is beyond me. It's just stupid! Oswald is watching The Limo for a whole block on Houston Street and then watches it turn onto Elm Street, he is going to aim 20-something feet off the target he has just watched for a full block & watched it turn right under you??? Oh ok, Duh..  

Yet again totally different angles that Oswald would have to be aiming, NOT Down - but to the Right & your arms are raised UP! I can't believe this stuff from the likes of Gerald Posner and others?? LOOK at the photos. Their theories just don't make sense! Sad that the National Media doesn't do any research, they just allow them to spew this nonsense on Nation Televison. Dan Rather looked like he was going to have an Orgasm when Posner started telling him his "Tree Shot" Theory.

*Now to hit The Curb, you have to lift your arms up, twist your body to the right about 45 degrees to hit The Curb to where James Tague was located. THE ANGLES just don't work!


CLEARLY The Warren Commission knew this was the first shot - missed shot - a shot... Because in the photo they photographed a Rifle Scope around the JFK Re-enactment Double.

WHY would you aim a Rifle 125 feet infront of Oswald's Target?

Very Simple..



Point of View - From The Street of The Missed Shot. LOOK at the Angle!

The Rifle Angle is DOWN. WHY would Lee Harvey Oswald aim The Rifle 125 feet in front of the target which was right underneath him? WHY?? Very Simple Question.... WHY? By the way where was Dale Myers "Tom & Jerry Cartoon" for The Missed Shot?

The Triple Underpass: James Tague's Location


Point of View - From James Tague/Curb Hit - LOOK at the Angle!

The Actual Angle of The Missed Shot where The Curb was struck is a completely different angle to where Oswald would be aiming! If he was trying to shoot JFK he would be aiming DOWN.. NOT this angle. Look at the difference!! 

James Tague's Location when struck by The Curb from The Missed Shot

The Curb

Here is the EXACT point of impact of the bullet for The Missed Shot! This curb is a good 125 feet IN FRONT of The Limo when The Missed Shot/Frame 157 - 160 Happened. Again, WHY was Lee Harvey Oswald aiming The Rifle a 125 feet IN FRONT of the target? The Limo was right underneath him! 

James Tague's Face after being struck by The Curb from Zapruder Frame 160

Clear Photo of Warren Commission Recreation of Frame 160 - The Missed Shot

Here is a clear version of the photo I have from the Warren Commission Book. It's of the 6th Floor - Lee Harvey Oswalds 'Point of View' of The Missed Shot ... NOTHING is blocking his view of President Kennedy

WHY? Aim away from The Limo? His "Target" was in the wide open.